We believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle  - that's why we've created a range of on-the-go snacks.


Like many, we searched for an easy, healthy, and tasty snack which didn't have any nasties like processed sugar, artificial flavors or saturated fats. 

We were inspired by a visit to Aanchal's ancestral homeland of Rajasthan,  where she rekindled her affinity with a childhood snack made from the Water Lily plant - locally known as Makhana. 


She recalled the popped snack was a regular in her school lunch box, in-between meals, whilst studying for exams, and even when watching her favorite Bollywood films (you get hungry during a 3hr screening)....


Turns out, Makhanas are a superfood and make the perfect healthy snack... so back in London, we got to work and came up with several unique flavors inspired by our heritage, travels, and lives as an Aussie couple living in London.


Chakra Snacks is our very unique and delicious take on an age-old healthy snack enjoyed in the East for millennia.


Join our mindful snacking revolution!


Aanchal & Trishan

Water lilies (seeds)


Made from the popped Fox-nut seed,  a pond based plant from the Water Lily family.


Often referred to as Lotus seed - it is actually Euryale ferox, for you botanists.





Eaten abroad for ...well, ages

Cultivated throughout Far East and South Asia for millennia.


Like popcorn, the seeds are 'popped' under heat.


They are typically eaten raw, fried or boiled and served as a snack or dish.


They are even used in Traditional Chinese and Aruvedic medicine.




All our snacks


Sourced from North India.


Roasted in the UK.


Delicious flavours made from the finest ingredients.



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